$199.00 AUD

Share your spark: Create a course

Got a course idea but not sure how to shape it into an engaging course?

Are you keen to know all the research around how we learn so that you can create the most effective content possible? And how to create your own advocates who will sell your course for you? If so, this course is for you. 

If your course isn’t engaging and evidence-based…



  • Your learners don’t get the benefits you promised or sold
  • Your learners forget what they learnt quickly and will feel unhappy
  • You lose connection with your audience
  • You lose credibility
  • Your personal brand suffers
  • You lose potential advocates
  • You attract difficult or unhappy clients

Learn all you need to know to avoid these problems today for less than you might sell ONE enrolment to your course! 

Why am I choosing to share this knowledge for less than what I'd charge for half an hour of consulting?

Because I want learning experiences around the world to be better, and I want you to have the opportunity I had to learn this information and start attracting your dream customers.