Had an idea for a course for years? Wanting to take steps towards financial freedom?

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So you're ready to try making a course, but don't know how to make it engaging and evidence-based...

Are you worried the following might happen?

  • Your learners take the course but complain they don’t get the benefits you promised or sold
  • Your learners feel unhappy and disengaged or they forget what they learnt quickly because you didn't know the research behind how we learn 
  • You lose connection with your audience because you don't know how to keep activities engaging
  • You lose credibility because you don't know how to break ideas down into course modules and lessons
  • Your personal brand suffers
  • You lose potential advocates
  • You attract difficult or unhappy clients

You're in luck! I have a course for that!

If you're at the stage where you have an idea but you just need some support getting it off the ground, read on.

Share your spark: Create a course is a course I designed specifically to share my knowledge of curriculum development and course creation honed over years as a teacher and curriculum developer.


How do I know this course is right for me?


Share your spark: Create a course is right for you if you're at the stage where you are prepared to take action and you want the following from a seasoned curriculum expert.

  • Strategies that engage your learners 
  • How to help your learners understand and remember your course content for longer so they reap the benefits of the knowledge you're sharing
  • Industry knowledge that helps build your credibility 
  • Being able to apply the foundational concepts of course creation to strengthen your personal brand
  • To create advocates who are so happy with their learning experience they can't stop spreading the word
  • To attract more of the clients you want

A course like that sounds perfect for where I'm at right now

I'm ready to take advantage of that type of insider knowledge and I want the details.


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